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Your Horoscope

horoscopeYour horoscope for June 2017

Aries: Just saying hello to a new neighbour could be what is needed to bring the whole community together. You don’t want to be in each other’s business all the time, but it’s good to know that someone is there if you need them.
Taurus: Seeing something you really want but is out of your price range makes you want to review your finances and see what you can do to change the situation. You will be surprised how a few small changes can make a huge difference.
Gemini: A personal project has your focus right now and is giving you so much satisfaction as it is yours and yours alone. This sense of achievement is having a knock on effect in everything, making you want to reach greater heights.
Cancer: Bringing closure on an issue which has been bothering you for some time gives you a great sense of relief. It will now allow you to move on without the sense of guilt and frustration you felt from not being able to do anything about it for so long.
Leo: A friend turns out to be anything but and all over a silly misunderstanding. Even if they are having a bad time, you really have given them more than enough opportunities and now it is their turn to step up and apologise for their behaviour.
Virgo: Pay attention to the little details and take your responsibilities seriously and it will be noticed. Concentrate on the important things and your results will shine through. This could mean that they will be so impressed things move up a level for you.
Libra: A trip away is needed and could not come at a better time as things are ‘hotting up’ and you are better out of the way when it all starts to kick off. Even just a few days will make all the difference and once you get back it will be to such a better atmosphere.
Scorpio: By looking beneath the surface you get an insight which gives you a whole different view of a situation. This allows you to understand and approach things from another angle and you will see the benefits of this straight away.
Sagittarius: Approaching someone in a gentler manner will see you get much further than you would if you went in like a bull in a china shop. It will bring you closer to them and they will see you for the person you truly are rather than the front you put up.
Capricorn: A lifestyle change is in order. Drinking more water, more fruit and veg (even organic) and more exercise are the goals, but keep things realistic and you will get there. Make them too challenging and you will give up at the first hurdle.
Aquarius: Just recently things have been a little out of balance with a feeling of all work and no play. Bring out your creative side and your inner child and have some fun. Involve others and everyone will have a good time.
Pisces: Playing host will become your role for a while now and so get yourself mentally prepared for all the arguments and upsets you will have to deal with. From past experience you will be able to find solutions making it easier for everyone.

Article Published in Female Focus magazine - June2017