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Your Horoscope

horoscopeAries: The heat is making everyone over react, so you need to try not to do the same. Someone has to stay calm otherwise things will quickly become nasty. It just needs you to remind them that the initial misunderstanding was over nothing at all. 

Taurus: Things will heat up this month and that is not just the weather we are talking about here. A bit more empathy is needed on your part otherwise you are going to lose a strong friend and ally. Take a long look at the situation and you will know what needs doing.

Gemini: Small treats are as effective as big ones and will not get you into trouble financially. You don’t need to keep buying things for yourself to feel better. They are just quick fixes. You need to find something productive that makes you feel happy.

Cancer: Finding a summer project will keep you busy and happy whilst everyone else is busy with visitors and holidays. This will also bring you into a new group of friends and one especially will shine out to you. It could be the start of something wonderful.

Leo: Understanding what motivates you could really help you move forward. It sounds easy but sometimes it takes someone else to really show you what is important as it might not be that obvious to you. Once you see it then everything will change.

Virgo: It is important to think about how to improve your social life as things have been difficult recently. Take time to connect with people, maybe join a club or restart an old hobby. Whatever it is you will start to feel better for it straight away.

Libra: Someone in authority will notice you and all the extras you do for others. This will bring you the recognition you have been looking for and make it all worth while. It will also make you realise just how important your work is to those around you.

Scorpio: Taking that long distance trip is becoming more important as the years go by and each time people start taking their holidays you think about it more and more. Stop thinking and start planning. You will not regret it but you might regret it if you don’t.

Sagittarius: Something is holding you back and you just cannot put it out of your mind. Talking to someone will help you to solve this once and for all. If you can’t talk to a friend then maybe talking to a counselor is the way to sort out your feelings.

Capricorn: Get out of the rut and make real changes to your life. You don’t even have to make major changes, just a few small things to start with will make a huge difference to you and a relationship which has been suffering for a while.

Aquarius: A change is as good as a rest and this is ringing true for you this month. You didn’t realise that just switching things around a bit could make things so much better again. You really wish you had thought of it sooner.

Pisces: It is time for some fun in the sun. Make plans with friends, have some you time and most of all enjoy yourself. Don’t overdo it though or the fun will turn into disaster. If you pace yourself and not burn out too early, you will have the best summer ever.