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Plan B - Moraira

By Fiona Jennison.

planb aug16Well, I almost never have a Plan B, I have to admit, even though my Plan As almost never work out. But at least now whenever I am lusting after affordable fresh lobster (always then) and/or craving gourmet burger and home-made chips (always then) now my Plan A is the new restaurant in Moraira, Plan B. Which means for the first time in my life I have a Plan B. (Doesn't it?)

Newly opened by two couples Ian and Lucy and Olivia and Dragos (yes, another cool name, and he was trained by Michelin-starred super famous chef Santi Santamaria), Plan B is found at the southern end of Moraira, just before the last roundabout before the road to Calpe starts. Inside the unique and highly stylish décor is gorgeous shabby chic with a modern twist, and outside there is plenty of seating.

planb logoThe lobster and burger combo is "pincered" from the trend in London at the moment, and what a great concept it is, especially as the food is fresher than a daisy after 12 hours sleep in a vase full of Lenor. The chips are fabulous and homemade, the high quality burger meat sourced from Galicia, and the burgers are served with lovely little extras such as homemade coleslaw and corn on the cob. If you want you can have a slightly ghoulish look at dinner in the tank out back (which they have reluctantly installed to make sure that they have fresh lobster at the weekends.) Believe it or not, they serve half a lobster for only 10 Euros.

Some lobster facts for you now, in case you worry about the boiling alive bit. Lobsters do not process pain (like insects their nervous system is not complicated enough). The noise you hear as they go into the boiling water is just air coming out as they have no vocal chords. And they are cannibals. Yep, they eat each other, unless they fancy a bit of hanky panky. Any lobster you eat will be at least 7 years old to be the legal size, so it's had a good innings (well they can live to 100 years old, but hey). Lobster used to be considered dull. Before Independence, American prisoners rioted over being given too much lobster! Last fact for you – by this age they will have shed their shells 25 times. The lobster shell-fairy must be rushed off her feet. Or fins.

I highly recommend Plan B. Especially if you are so hungry could eat a horse (but prefer gourmet burgers). Their triple decker super-size burgers have to be seen to be believed.

Find Plan B on the Moraira / Calpe Road km 251, Rada de Moraira. Tel: 96 550 3002.