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Angelic Healing

trice lee logoThe ancient and gentle art of Angelic Healing has been shared throughout the millennia from healer to healer.

Angelic Healing is a complimentary therapy that channels the divine energy of angels, archangels and other wonderful celestial beings to bring about healing, not only on a physical level but also mental and emotional levels as well, therefore the person is treated holistically.

Archangel Raphael is the main angel of healing and he has a multitude of angel helpers and guides. When called upon by a healer, he will surround the person concerned in his beautiful emerald green light to bring about healing and comfort to those in need. It is the angels and archangels that determine the healing that is received by a recipient and it will always be for their highest good. The healer acts as a channel whereby all the healing energy is passed through them to the person requiring healing.

Angelic healers believe that when there is negative energy within the body or “chakras” (energy centres) it is difficult to remove using conventional methods. These negative impressions are said to strongly influence the individual’s mental and physical functions and can cause detrimental imbalances to occur in an individual’s psychic energy field.

Healing works on subtle energy levels and to readdress the imbalances within the body’s energy centres or chakras. Angelic Healing techniques will help to reverse these energetic imbalances, restoring the recipient to an optimum state of mental and physical function.

The benefits of Angelic Healing on emotional and physical health are vast. It increases the feelings of well-being and peace of mind, together with far better sleep patterns and a restored sense of motivation and purpose, leaving the recipient with a feeling of lightness and with peace of mind.
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