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A few rules explained about making changes to your vehicle

javea auto feb17 4In the UK it is fairly straightforward to make changes to your vehicle – you can change pretty much anything you like so long as the changes are within the MOT guidelines. You will normally have to inform your insurance company about any modifications you have made but other than that you are free to do whatever you wish.

Over here in Spain, and indeed several other European countries, there are very specific guidelines and procedures to follow. The simplest modification, is having your windows tinted to add privacy and give extra shade to your vehicle. You must use an authorised fitter who will stamp each window and provide a certificate which you must present at each ITV - other than that there is nothing else to do. We have an authorised fitter who comes to us at Javea Auto Sales so if you would like this done then please ask for a quote.

Pretty much all other modifications must be added to the vehicles ficha tecnica and the items changed must be of the correct EU specification and must be fitted by an authorised garage. For example, you can’t simply purchase a second hand tow bar from the UK and attach it to your car. It could be argued that this is just a way of making extra money, you could also argue that the UK system is less safe – when you think about it, any DIY mechanic can bolt a tow bar to their car, attach a large and heavy trailer to the back of it, and then drive wherever they like without anyone inspecting that it has been done correctly until its next MOT inspection.

For more substantial modifications (such as you may see on many 4x4 vehicles), the process becomes much more involved. If you wish to fit larger wheels and tyres, modify the suspension, add or even remove bull bars etc, then you must get a homologation project done. This involves having an engineers report completed and certifying that all the changes are suitable for your vehicle and that they have all been installed correctly. Once this is completed, you must present your vehicle at the ITV station, who will inspect the car and once it has passed, they will add all of the changes to the ficha tecnica. This process is fairly time consuming and relatively expensive but it must be done in order for your vehicle to be legal. Should you be looking to undertake anything similar, then please come down and see us and we can assist you with the process. There are very few local companies who understand this system so if you are interested in anything along these lines, please come down and see us.

We have a wealth of knowledge here at Javea Auto Sales so please feel free to come down for a chat about any of your motoring needs – we are always happy to help.

Have a great start to the summer and enjoy the sunshine!!!

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