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“You haven’t heard the half of it. No, really, you haven’t. Until Now.”

premier hearing female focus aug17 1“The latest technology advances in hearing aids are so advanced that they are game changing.”

In the early days, hearing aid technology involved vacuum tubes and large heavy batteries. Today, microchips, computerisation, digitised sound processing and rechargeable batteries are used in hearing aid design.
For about 5 years now digital programmable hearing aids which use digitised sound processing to convert sound waves into digital signals have been commonplace. Their introduction put them streets ahead of their analogue predecessors because not only are digital hearing aids smaller and more comfortable, but the micro computer chip in the aid analyses the signals to determine whether the sound is noise or speech. It then makes modifications to provide a clear, amplified, distortion-free signal.
Now the latest digital hearing aid advances are game changing too.

premier hearing female focus aug17 2Further technology advances mean that the new generation of hearing aids are even better still.
They offer:
• Improved programmability – and can automatically change between programs.

• Greater precision in fitting – more designs, styles, sizes and colours are available than ever before.

• Even better background noise suppression – as your listening environment changes, so can the hearing aid settings.

• Omni-directional microphones - sound is picked up from all around.

• Can be adjusted from your smartphone – with the smartphone even informing the hearing aid where the location is, and the settings being changed automatically.

• Rechargeability – Simple overnight charging provides a full charge with plenty of power for the next day. There’s no need to keep track of batteries or even open the battery drawer.

• Tinnitus relief – for those who suffer from the symptoms of tinnitus, relief is now possible with a variety of relief sounds.

• Speech Understanding - Perhaps the most impressive technological advance of all though is the improvement in speech understanding by up to 30%, even in noisy situations.

To find out just how these marvellous latest hearing aids might help you, contact Richard Sykes. More people are overcoming their hearing challenges and experiencing sound in the ways that matter most to them than ever before. Explore with Richard what a state-of-the-art digital hearing aid can do for you.

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