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Garden Mosquito Treatments Beat - The Bite

fog female focus aug17 2How Our FOG OFF Mosquito Control Service Works.

FOG OFF mosquito misting service provides your garden with its very own four week no-fly zone here in Spain.

It’s simple to order and have done: our team shows up for the mosquito misting treatment and for the following four weeks you and your family can enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces, garden and pool without worrying about mosquitoes.

fog female focus aug17 4FOGG OFF misting treatment uses a solution that sticks to the underside of the foliage, creating protection that lasts 28 days and also inhibits reproduction, thus reducing future population. Not only that – it is 100% biodegradable so leaves no active residues. Relief from the mosquitoes is guaranteed for all 28 days. We also treat standing water, drains, and downspout areas to clear them of dormant larvae and adult mosquitoes.

We’re based on the Costa Blanca here in Spain, which means you call, we pick up and you get service fast.
Our solutions are 100% biodegradable and we have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We are available 7 days a week, with a 24 hour response time for call backs. FOG OFF MOSQUITO CONTROL is a socially responsible company and we are actively engaged in our community, and beyond.

Customer Service.

We’re in this business to make you happy and mosquitoes very unhappy.
Mosquito control is all we do. Every member of our staff is a fully trained professional. You can be assured that a FOG OFF employee (we do not use subcontractors) will personally treat your garden every time. Since we’re locally owned and operated an owner is always available. Plus, our team delivers fast service, free re-treats if needed and any other help we can provide.
Treatments start from 30€.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from our clients:-

C. Gordon - After having the worst year last year, being eaten alive with mosquitos, I saw this advertised. Had to give it a shot. Well, it’s been amazing. 4 weeks and not 1 bite, can actually enjoying sitting out now!!!! Would highly recommend it.

R. Harris - We live in the campo and had a major mozzie problem, open the doors and the house would fill up with hundreds of them. Had the house, garden and surrounding land treated and the results were instant. Not a single mozzie bite or sighting for 6 weeks now. Just had the second treatment to keep on top of it and to say we are delighted with the result is an understatement.

Call or WhatsApp us on 681 609 730 or visit our website for more information.