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Raw food for dogs?

dog rawfoodFor many years we have believed you are what you eat.

Raw food diet or BARF as it is also known, is a raw food that is appropriate for animal consumption.

It is very important to understand that this food is prepared in such a way that any bacteria is eliminated, just as it would be when we cook meat for consumption. The way that it is done is by preparing the meat in a sterile environment and then freezing the meat for a determined amount of time below a certain temperature.

A raw diet can be very beneficial to our pets, many dogs that suffer allergies and bowel issues thrive on this food. Raw food is very easily digested by dogs and most raw foods aren’t processed, are gluten free and free of chemical products, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours. Also most are free from genetically modified ingredients.

We recently started providing raw food at the clinic and since we started we are very pleased with the results and we have many satisfied customers. We are very pleased that the supplier we use takes pride in their meat and products, (they also supply human food) as most animal food isn’t fit for human consumption so we are pleased to have found a food as good as ours for our beloved pets.

We supply a varied range of raw food, most of the food is prepared from 80% meat to 100%, also with a variation of vegetables. It’s very easy to prepare you can just open the packet and pour out the food! We also have Doggie Ice Creams!

The raw food diet is also suitable for cats.

If you require any additional information on nutrition please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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