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It’s a Cats world

pets female focus june17In this article we are going to cover why we love cats, bringing a cat to the vet, stress in cats and some simple rules to keep your cats purring and stress free.

For years cats were worshipped as gods and it is very true that they haven’t forgotten this and don’t mess around reminding their owners of that. Cats are curious creatures and love to explore and figure out new things, while also spending massive amounts of time snoozing in their favourite spot or at least one of them!

Cats can get very stressed and it is important when travelling to the vets that their journey goes as smoothly as possible. The first rule is to always make sure your cat is in a carry cage that is large enough, because they will be safer and feel safer. We always recommend leaving your carry cage open at all times in the house so that your cat can get used to it and get to know it as a good hiding space.

The second rule is to keep your cat covered and in a high place, they like to feel in charge.

The third rule is to try and keep the noise down, allowing the cat not to worry about strange and scary sounds. A useful tip is to use Feliway, a synthetic pheromone, we use it before any cat comes into the consultation room.

Stress in humans is a killer and that goes for our cats too. For as much as they seem relaxed lounging without a care in the world, cats get stressed very quickly and easily and it causes health issues such as urinary tract infections, alopecia, hypertension, hyperglucemia and more.

To prevent stress, the first and most important thing is to neuter your cat, this will reduce any hormonal stress whether it be a male or a female. Cats are territorial and will fight other cats for their space, so if you have more than one cat each cat should have their own bowls, bed and litter tray, every cat needs their own items or this can cause tension between them.

Cats should also have designated areas, one for playing, one for sleeping, one for eating and drinking and one for their toilet, it is best if these areas are not too close together; we humans don’t want to eat our food in a toilet and cats feel the same. So food and water must be the furthest from the litter tray. Keeping a scratching post in your cat’s areas is also a golden key as they like to mark their territory, and this will help your furniture.

If you are concerned that your cat could be stressed please contact a veterinarian to advise on the best treatment.
Article written by Maria Carmen Garcia Aguilera from Clinica Veterinaria El Puerto in Javea.
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