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APAC - saving horses in need

apac 46 horsesWe have been working hard at APAC Caballos Rescue Horses over the last few months to help a Spanish Breeder of horses whose business, like everyones, has suffered so badly over the last few years. Luis stopped breeding his horses many years ago due to the downfall in sales but the problem he now faces with no income and no foals for sale is that he has to find the money to feed his 46 horses. He does do classes with the few he has who are trained, and I have to say he is the best teacher I have ever met, his care, his knowledge of position, the best way to ride a horse is so indepth, in his era he was a legend.

Sadly his health is failing dramatically, I put that down in some part to lack of food and basic amenities, he lives in a caravan on the land where his horses are kept and for sure if there is no food for his horses he isn’t eating himself. These horses can’t be sent to slaughter it is against the law and so far this has never been a consideration for Luis. Instead he has slowly sold every possession he has to feed them, he has also been reluctant to part with his horses to people who won’t take care of them, and just want a cheap horse to sell on with no regard as they are like his babies, most of them he has had since they were born. They all have names and the love I have seen them all show to Luis is incredible. But now he has reached rock bottom.

So his situation now is basically these 46 horses are without food and in desperate need of new homes, a large percentage haven’t been ridden although they have very calm natures, have only known love and care and have all been worked on a lunge rein to walk, trot and canter.

For the last few months APAC Caballos have been trying to supplement the horses food, in a preventative way to stop the deterioration which we have seen so many times before.

So many horse breeders in Spain have gone down this route and the only ones who suffer are the horses as they slowly starve to death with no help, the cost of putting each one to sleep is 300€ plus, and the state vet doesn’t step in to help the horses until they are at the point of death and put out of their misery. I don’t know what the solution to this problem seen all over Spain is, I am just a foreigner who lives here with 2 of my own horses and met Luis in my local town and have seen the plight of a good man and am trying to help him and more so, his poor horses.

APAC Caballos Rescue Centre, La Jara, Denia is desperately trying to rehome as many horses as they can, if you can help in any way by adopting, donating, supporting or volunteering please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., via our website, Facebook- APAC Caballos / APAC Caballos Adopciones / Adoptions, or the go fund me page
Thank you Jules Winstanley Jones. Horse lover / Friend of all animals.

Article published in Female Focus April 2017