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Artificial Grass Spain Part of Grupo CG Gardening World

ags female focus aug 5I think that most people and customers who know me probably get sick of hearing me rant on about artificial grass and how good it is. But the simple fact is, it really is that good, especially when you compare it to the alternatives.

ags female focus aug 2We at Artificial Grass Spain have been installing artificial grass for close to ten years and supplying it for around eight years. As our parent company Charlesworth Gardens is a premier landscaping company we have always been searching for the best materials to finish our customers’ gardens with, so when we first saw the product it was an instant, ‘well that makes a lot of sense’ moment.

We have made and installed many natural grass lawns and irrigation systems. Believe me natural lawns are not easy, nor are they cheap to make in the first place. But this only gets you to the first hurdle, now you should wait a couple of weeks for your seed to germinate which requires the lawns being kept permanently moist, so, you can’t go on it. Even when you have what could be considered a lawn, you still can’t enjoy it properly as the roots are very delicate and any rough play or pets will destroy the fine till of soil instantly so it will require a few weeks of gentle mowing and treading to firm it in a bit. Your new lawn will probably now take anywhere between one to two years to establish itself properly and only through religious watering and maintenance care will that happen.

ags female focus aug 9I have seen it a million times, why do this to yourself, I still sometimes get people say, yes but their lawn is nice, referring to a neighbour, and yes it may be, but how old is it and how much could you add up over the years that the costs have been in water, maintenance costs, irrigation system repair, etc.

I don’t have anything against real grass, I love it, which is why grass often features in my garden designs, also my son is a fanatic golfer so I get the privilege of enjoying some of the finest grass areas on the coast. But sometimes there are obvious reasons that some things should be done and for very good reason, I sell grass so of course I am going to be pro it. But I am also a garden designer and I have to think about giving my customers’ the best results I can in the shortest time, as most people don’t have the patience at the end of the day. As many great people have said, there is a time and a place, and unfortunately natural lawns in Spain just don’t work very well.

We have an amazing choice of grass to suit tastes and budget, which are all manufactured here in Spain to ISO and European safety standards with 100% recyclable and 100% non toxic materials used. We also have a great choice of sports grasses including golf grass.

So, my simple question is this. Why go through all the hassle, time, muck and trouble when an artificial grass lawn is pretty much instantaneous, instantly enjoyable, and will save you thousands over the years? It’s a no brainer. So, start to enjoy your garden more and give us a call about your artificial grass requirements in Spain.
For more information please give us a call on 696 283 704, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..