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Pat Focuses on .....

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focusAfter two and a half years of writing various articles for the magazine I have decided it is time to put my pen down.

I started off visiting charities to see what happens behind the scenes, and what an eye opener it was. I never realised how many people were involved in each charity and how they all gave so much of their time freely, to help raise support and awareness for their chosen charity.

The endless hours that people give up each week is amazing, they all work so hard and although they don't benefit themselves financially, they make a huge difference to the charity they are raising money for. They need all the praise we can give them and they should be extremely proud of themselves for all they do, the charities could not do without their support so a huge thank you to all the volunteers.

After visiting the charities for a year, I then went on to visit businesses to find out a little more about the people who own or work in our local businesses.

It's amazing how little you know about someone who you see on a regular basis, you may have a little chat with them at the counter or say hello to them in street, but some of them have done so many things that you would never have thought. They are the people who are here all year trying to help us in any way they can, and they rely on those of us living here to make their business a success.

We all know it is great if you have a shop full of people here on their holidays buying things, but their main business is the people who live here all year round and who are their regular customers. It is so easy to go off to one of the big supermarkets to get everything in one place, but what about the people who don't have transport, or don't have time to go to Torrevieja or further just for the one thing they might need. I know we all go off to the big shops at some point, even if it's just to have a look around, we are all guilty of that, but we also need to remember the small businesses that are on our doorstep who rely on our custom.

I have met some fantastic people while I have been writing for the magazine and I would like to take this opportunity to say to all of them how nice it was to meet them and to keep up the great work they are all doing.

I would also like to thank the editors of the magazine for not just giving me the opportunity to write for them, but also giving me the chance to meet some wonderful people.

Ed's note: A big thank you to Pat from all the team, and I think I can go so far as to say from all our readers, for bringing us this interesting and insightful information from behind the scenes of our local charities and businesses.